Progress and Thoughts: Drinking While in Ketosis


I mentioned before that I’m a craft beer fan, right? When my boyfriend and I took a trip down to Denver, Colorado during the 2010-2011 Christmas season, we both fell in love with The Wynkoop and, more specifically, the craft beer industry that seems to be exploding across the country right now. One year later, we started to brew our own beers at home and loved the results. We drank at least one or two of our own homebrews a day while continuously seeking out and trying different beers from our own local scene. The art of the brew is fascinating and gives you an interesting insight into an age-old tradition turned art.

But then, big bad keto came along and put a stop to most of that drinking. Not to say that this is a particularly bad thing–we all know excessive consumption is a health risk and should be cognisant of its effects on the human body. The problem, though, is that most craft beers contain higher-than-preferable amounts of carbohydrates, which are mainly in the form of alcohol sugars and unfermented carbs from the grains used during production. For example, according to FatSecret, there are a total of 19 net carbs in one glass of Surly Furious! I only get 22 net carbs in my allowance each day, so if I’m going to drink something like that, I better plan to either go over my carbs or just eat a bunch of meat and fat for the rest of the day.

This makes it hard for a lot of people to jump into the ketogenic lifestyle because it essentially forces you to choose between something that you love and/or cherish (beer, or bread, or pizza) and something that you probably need (weight loss or mood regulation or any additional health benefits). But what diet/lifestyle change doesn’t?

And in all reality, just because you’ve chosen to take on the ketogenic lifestyle does NOT mean you’ll never be able to enjoy your favorite beers, pasta dishes or cookies again. You just won’t be able to enjoy them quite as much as you did before. And by that I mean, as special treats or on rare occasions, like special celebrations, holidays or traveling. Making the ketogenic lifestyle YOUR kind of lifestyle means not depriving yourself of nutrients, good tasting foods or the select few things you love. Moderation, my dear friends, is truly a virtue in the lifestyle/habit world (unless we’re talking about cigarettes or other similarly harmful substances/activities). So what do I do? If I want a beer, I have ONE, and I usually enjoy it on the weekend when I don’t have the added stressors of work or the job search on my mind. All in all, since starting with ketogenics 2.5 weeks ago, I’ve have perhaps four days where I consumed one beer… and you know what? It was tasty as ever! Imagine that.

In other news, I’m still going strong and still getting small-to-moderate readings on my ketostix. Conversely, my boyfriend, whom I had to convince to start this diet with me, has lost an astonishing amount of weight (maybe 10 pounds?) since we started. We’re both feeling more amazing than before, and my mood and energy remain elevated consistently throughout the day. I still don’t know how much I’ve lost, mainly because of “No Weigh May!” but am very excited to jump back on the scale at the end of the month and deliver the results.

So, people, tell me about your adventures through the healthy lifestyle wonderland. Let me know how your month is going!


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