A Day in the “Ketogenic Eating” Life

Nature’s Power Food
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Well, folks, I realize that it’s been a little while since my last update so I figured I would throw something unique into the mix here and give a little write-up of a day in the (eating) life for me. I’m coming up on my 1-month mark for my switch to the ketogenic lifestyle and I’m down almost 20 pounds from my highest weight (pre-keto), and about 10 pounds from my “official” keto starting weight. 10 pounds in only a month! I tried on an old pair of jeans this morning that I could barely slip into a month ago, and they buttoned up just fine. On the other side of things, the pair of black jeans that I’ve been wearing almost non-stop for the past 6 months are starting to get too loose to wear—they won’t stay up unless I’m wearing the belt my boyfriend gave me (which, by the way, is pulled to the last hole…hmm, new belt soon?) It’s a great feeling to finally know that I’ve got a lot more control over how I lose weight and how quickly it comes off. Once everything settles down, I’m also going to start taking daily walks and being more active on my feet in general—I think I may be done with the high-intensity workout phase for now. Instead, I’m going to try harder to just keep myself on my feet as much as possible, rather than going to the gym four times a week to sweat my butt off, strain my muscles and wear myself out.

Anyways, here is a breakdown of an average day for me in ketogenic eating. I’ve found that, even if I try, I’m often too full or out of options from what I’ve eaten throughout the day to always meet my fat and protein goals. This is why I invented Keto Pudding (for which I’ll provide a recipe towards the end of this post).


2 hard boiled eggs, no salt
1 scoop of whey protein with either water or unsweetened almond milk,
shaken (not stirred)

Snack (if I’m hungry)
1 oz. low-carb cheese (mozzarella cheese stick/slice of gouda/fresh
goat cheese/full-fat cream cheese) with a couple of flaxseed crackers


1 oz. pork rinds! (They’ve started to really grow on me. I understand
some people can’t do pork rinds. That’s okay, all the more for me!)

Lunchmeat or homemade tuna salad on a lettuce wrap. I like using Napa cabbage or iceberg, but you can use whatever kind of leafy greens you’d like to create a lettuce wrap or salad. Measure out your meats so you know exactly how much of each kind you’re getting (I usually have about 6oz. of lunchmeat on my wrap), or, if you choose tuna salad, use REGULAR mayonnaise and plenty of fresh dill/whatever spices you like. Add some lemon juice to it for a nice bite!

Snack (again, only if I’m hungry)
One or two deviled eggs (yum!) made with real mayonnaise, mustard, some NoSalt potassium substitute, and paprika. I occasionally substitute some bacon fat for mayo and sprinkle crunchy bacon bits on top if I need the protein/fat boost.

8oz. – 10oz. of animal protein (steak, pork chops, grilled chicken, tuna) with a big bowl of leafy greens (spinach, arugula, mesclun, etc.) and some full-fat dressing (like a homemade olive oil dressing, or some of Marie’s blue cheese dressing). I may occasionally have something like asparagus, cauliflower “mashed potatoes,” or steamed broccoli in place of the salad.

1 serving of Keto pudding!
I will preface this recipe by stating that it is, in fact, a bit strange, and it may not be for everyone. I’ve found that it’s helped me with my sweet tooth and that it actually leaves me feeling quite satisfied. I even got my boyfriend to try it, and he’s hooked now! Ricotta cheese has become a staple in our fridge because of the stuff. It’s good for those who need a boost in their fat intake, and adding a scoop of whey protein can also help those who need more protein to meet their daily goals. On the flip side, this can be eaten as breakfast food for those of you who like to get your fat early in the day. (This meal, without the protein powder, hast 4 net carbs, 11g protein, 28g fat, 4g fiber, 97mg sodium and 303 calories.)

¼ C. whole milk ricotta cheese
¼ C. unsweetened, original almond milk (Almond Breeze or Blue Diamond)
1.5 Tbsp. stevia in the raw
½ Tbsp. coco powder, unsweetened
1 Tbsp. coconut oil, melted (15 seconds in the microwave should do)
2 Tbsp. flaxseed meal (Bob’s Red Mill is best)
Optional: Whey protein of your choice

Start by mixing the ricotta and almond milk together until they’re creamy and the ricotta chunks are broken up. Add in the stevia and coco powder and mix those together until all of the powder chunks are broken down and you have a “pudding” consistency. Next, slowly pour in the melted coconut oil and stir it in until it, too, has been fully incorporated into the mixture. Last, add the flax meal, stir, and if you choose, add the protein powder and stir it all in. You may need to add some water at this point to make the mixture less viscous, but the consistency is up to your personal tastes. Enjoy, and let me know how you like it (I expect some up-turned noses at this one).

Until next time!


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