Well, hello everyone! It’s been quite a while since my last post — apologies. I’ve finally made my big move across the country from Mpls to Denver and have been so busy trying to get everything into place that finding time to sit down and write has been hard. But, here I am, and I’m glad to report back that I’m still happily traveling the keto road and have continued to lose weight, despite being under stress and thrust into less-than-keto-friendly situations. I’m about 20 pounds down from my keto starting weight, and around 30 pounds down from my high weight this past winter. It feels good, so good!

I must say, I’m truly thankful that I decided to get a Sam’s Club membership when I did; that place has saved me so much money on eggs, meat, pork, chicken and greens in the past 45 days that I don’t know if I would have been able to keep up otherwise.

Short post for today, though; I’m not prepared enough at the moment to write anything too terribly involved, though I will be back with some interesting new articles I’ve found in support of the ketogenic/paleo lifestyle.


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