Holy Deliciousness! Paleo “Vanilla” Cake with Whipped Cream Frosting

Paleo Almond Flour CakeOkay, okay, I know: whipped cream ISN’T paleo. My paleo foibles generally tend to revolve around both dairy and sweeteners (though I do use pure stevia whenever I can). I’ll admit my fault here, but…

This cake is AWESOME.

I wanted to make some semblance of a normal birthday cake for Josh, as yesterday was his 24th birthday and he was stuck in his office all day and really, who doesn’t get at least a little cheery at the thought of birthday cake?

The recipe I found is a vanilla-flavored cake made with almond flour, coconut oil and a little bit of lemon juice. It comes from Comfy Belly.

Mine came out moist and spongy, albeit a bit dense, and it was absolutely fantastic with a light frosting of homemade whipped cream (1/2 C. heavy cream, 1 Tbsp vanilla and sweetener to taste, whipped together until thick and whipped-creamy). I decided to make two separate batches: one as the recipe reads, and another with added coco powder. I then combined them in the pan and got a really nice marbled cake.


From the Comfy Belly website: Paleo Almond Flour “Vanilla” Cake


• 3 large eggs
• 4 tablespoons raw honey (or other sweetener)
• 1 teaspoon baking soda
• 1 teaspoon vinegar (for the egg whites)
• 1 tablespoon lemon juice
• 1/4 cup oil (melted coconut oil, unsalted butter, or ghee)
• 1 tablespoon vanilla
• 1 cup almond flour (finely ground, blanched almonds)


1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F.
2. Prepare an 8 inch spring-form pan (or a round cake pan) with a circular piece of parchment paper to place on the bottom of the pan. This allows you to remove the cake from the pan without it sticking. To yield the circle size I need, I place the cake pan on a piece of parchment paper and trace a circle around the pan.
3. Separate the egg yolks and whites. Place the yolks in a separate mixing bowl, and then beat the egg whites with the vinegar until it’s just starting to get bubbly and soft peaks form.
4. To the yolks add the honey, baking soda, oil, vanilla, and whisk to blend well.
5. Add the lemon juice to the egg yolk batter and whisk to blend well.
6. Fold the whipped egg whites into the yolk mixture, and then finally add the almond flour to the batter and whisk to blend well.
7. Bake for about 20 minutes, or until the center is not soft and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.
8. Optionally, you can invert the cake when it comes out of the oven in order to retain it’s height, and then once it’s cool run a knife along the sides to remove it from the pan. Otherwise, cool the cake and run a knife along the sides and remove the cake from the pan. If you’re using a spring form pan, you probably won’t need to run a knife along the sides.
9. Finally, remove the parchment paper from the bottom of the cake, frost and enjoy!”

6 thoughts on “Holy Deliciousness! Paleo “Vanilla” Cake with Whipped Cream Frosting

  1. This looks delicious! I wonder if I could make a poke-cake out of this cake but using mashed berries (and juice) and knoxblox. Hmmmmmm! Thank you for sharing on here! 🙂 The marble cake also looks incredibly delicious!

      • I think I could try the chocolate version this weekend since I have all the ingredients, but the poke-cake version might have to wait until my next paycheck. I will definitely let you know and post my results! (:

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