A Tallow Tale: Special Discount for Fatworks Tallow

Dear readers:

As we all know, quality animal fats from eco-friendly, animal-friendly sources are the bread and butter (so to speak) of the paleo diet. Not much can compare to the rich, beautiful taste of hand-rendered tallow when used in cooking and baking. It provides a healthy amount of omega-3s and the taste simply cannot be beat when compared to vegetable oils and shortenings. So I’m excited to give you all an exclusive deal, available only via word-of-mouth here on The Primeval Tongue:

Head on over to Facebook and like my new friends, Fatworks Foods. They’re providers of quality, hand-rendered beef tallow, available in 15oz. jars, which can be used in nearly any cooking or baking application for all of your paleo needs. When you enter my name, Megan, into the coupon section, you’ll get a special discount on your order, but only until the ides of March (which is March15th, for those of you who didn’t know)!

Show these guys a little love! Give ’em a like and let them know I sent you their way!

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