About This Blog

*Note: I am in no way a medical expert and any advice or commentary expressed in this blog is not meant to act as a substitute for any kind of medical care or direction from a real doctor. 

My name is Megan.

I recently graduated with my B.A. in English and live in the beautiful, over-populated city of Denver.

This is my paleo blog.

It started initially as a way for me to explore keto, which is similar to paleo, but with much less emphasis on the quality of the food you eat. It has definitely evolved into it’s own kind of creature. Sometimes I post recipes. Sometimes I whine about planning my wedding or being sore from doing kettle bell workouts. It all sort of works itself out.

I like food. Lots. And I like eating it more. 

I believe that eating paleo should be accessible to everyone. Once you get used to the fact that “real” food doesn’t come from a box, you get used to dedicating just a bit more time to learning about, preparing, cooking and eventually devouring some really delicious things.

I try to provide recipes that aren’t going to eat up your time, money or energy to make. Because, to be completely honest, I’m kind of lazy and I like to make things that are easy yet delicious. Like I said, accessible.

Enjoy your life, enjoy your food, be healthy and be free. 

Stop by and let me know what’s on your mind. I love talking to other paleoites…even more than that, I love talking to people who are interested in the lifestyle but don’t know where to start. The more people we can convert, the better!

Interested in sharing a recipe, story or piece of news about paleo? Write a guest post!

5 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. We have the same name (one of us over here!). We try to do Paleo too, so I’m sure we’ll be stealing recipes from you! Thanks!

    • Hello fellow literary friend! Thanks so much for following, I’m glad you’re enjoying my site! You’ve got a great spirit in your own writing, it’s so awesome to see others taking their health into their own hands! 🙂

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