Want to write a guest post?

One of the greatest things to come out of the blogosphere is the truly great spirit of collaboration. I especially love the welcoming nature of the paleo/grain-free community, and want to encourage other paleo bloggers to share their thoughts and ideas with as many people as possible.

Write for the Primeval Tongue!

If you’d like to be considered as a guest blogger for the Primeval Tongue, I’d love to hear from you! I’m looking for blog posts in the following main areas, though if you’ve got something really good that doesn’t necessarily fit into these categories, feel free to throw it at me!

  • Original (meaning created by YOU) paleo recipes
  • News about paleo or the paleo community
  • Personal success stories or transformations as a result of converting to the paleo lifestyle

In exchange for your post, you’ll get a byline with a short bio and a link to your blog. You’ll also be featured as a gust blogger on the “Things I Like” page.

A Few Guidelines

I like things to be fun and lighthearted. I know health and fitness can get pretty serious at times, but have a little fun with your post. If you couldn’t tell by some of my posts, I really like puns, so bonus points to you if you can somehow incorporate that into your post.

Post length should be between 500 and 800 words ideally. Longer or shorter may be considered if you’ve got good reason to do so.

EVERY post should have a good image to go along with it. If you don’t have one, let me know and I’ll help you find one.

This should go without saying, but profanity is usually not necessary. “Hell” and “damn” are acceptable when used sparingly, but please, keep it classy.

Interested? Drop me a line!

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